Customer Return Policy

Breast pump parts, accessories and breastfeeding supplies are hygienic non-returnable items.
You do not want to purchase from companies that accept these returns as you cannot be sure you are receiving new untainted products.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our customers and their babies safe and assured they are always receiving new unused items from Lactation Connection!

All our merchandise is hand selected by our lactation specialists and found to be tried and true by countless nursing mothers who rely on us for advice on breastfeeding products.
We do not sell every type of breast pump or bra for that reason. Only quality merchandise makes its way onto our shelves, so you can rest assured that the purchases you make from Lactation Connection are wise ones.

In addition to the hygienic items mentioned above, non-returnable items also include food products, dietary supplements, baby cribs and scales and final sale clothing.

Express shipping is guaranteed for the number of business days stated. Orders placed after 1 pm CST will be counted as beginning the next business day.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not considered business days. If the shipping carrier fails to meet the business days guaranteed for Express shipping, you must contact us within 7 business days and we will refund the difference in the additional shipping cost. All other methods of shipping are not guaranteed, but we do use our best estimate for expected delivery.

No returns or exchanges accepted. Unlike companies who take returns on hygienic items, you can be sure when you purchase from Lactation Connection that you are receiving new, unused hygienic breastfeeding supplies. This is the best policy for the health and safety of you and your baby. We do not make exceptions for unopened items since the manufacturer’s packaging does not hold up well for multiple times in transit. Also please note that it is unlawful to receive reimbursement for health care items that may have been reimbursed by insurance.

Sizing Concerns

Since every woman is different, we can only do our best to give you as accurate information on sizing as possible and cannot guarantee fitment.
We do however understand that during breastfeeding, calculating your size whether it is for a breast shield flange size or a nursing bra can be a challenge.
If you purchased the incorrect size, as stated before we do not accept returns, but we do want to help you with this situation so please contact us
within 14 days of receipt of your package and we are happy to offer you a discount to assist you in getting another size.

Additional Explanation on Exclusions

Breast pumps and accessories are single user items and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged due to health concerns! This includes nursing bras, breast pump bags, cribs and cradles due to sanitary and safety issues. If an electronic item is received in non-working condition, please contact the manufacturer for immediate replacement. We sell genuine breast pump parts purchased from the manufacturer which carry the manufacturer's warranty against defects.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests must be in writing and are honored on a case by case basis as we process orders very quickly. We cannot honor a cancellation request that has already been shipped
and may not be able to honor a cancellation later than 1pm on the date the order was placed. Please note that the handling fee is non-refundable on all orders including cancelled orders.
Please send email with your order number, full name on the order and reason for cancellation. Feel free to call 800-213-8151 between 8:30-2:30 CST if needed to let us know email cancellation request
is being sent. If you have already received a tracking email from UPS or USPS, you may presume that the order is no longer eligible for cancellation.

Please note that Lactation Connection reserves the right to cancel and refund any order that we may suspect as fraudulent including but not limited to orders shipping to freight forwarding companies.

Warranty Replacements

Your full manufacturer's warranty is in effect for all products we sell. Lactation Connection is not responsible for warranty issues and we are not able to access receipts older than one year so please file your receipts. Please call the manufacturer directly if you have a warranty question or need a warranty replacement as only the manufacturer will execute the warranty. This is necessary so that the manufacturers can keep up with quality control on their products.

Ameda 866-992-6332
ARDO 844-411-2736
Arm's Reach 800-954-9353
Bravado 800-590-7802
Haakaa 262-242-1624
LegenDairy Milk 512-431-8680
Limerick 877-546-3742
MayMom +886 37470556
Motherlove 970-493-2892

Motif 844-272-8390
Pumpin' Pal 877-466-8283
Spectra 855-446-6622

Please note that warranty may not include shipping costs. For Spectra brand warranty, please fill out the warranty request form on Spectra's website.
If the manufacturer is not responding to your warranty replacement request, we are happy to intervene on your behalf so please contact us if you do not
receive a replacement from the manufacturer within 7-14 business days after completing your request. If you do not see the manufacturer's phone number listed above,
please contact us with your request.


We are happy to help you with any products that we sell; however, the manufacturer is the best source for troubleshooting. Please contact them at the number listed in your instruction booklet or contact us for the manufacturer's phone number. Most manufacturer's phone numbers are listed in the Warranty Replacements section above for your convenience.

Packaging Information

In an effort to support a green initiative, we use minimal packaging when possible. In addition a manufacturer's packaging varies from brand to brand and even items within the brand.
Because we sell many replacement parts, some items may in poly bulk (non-retail) packaging but you can be assured that all items we sell are new which is evidenced by our no returns policy
on breast pump parts and our longevity in serving nursing mothers since 1993. Feel free to call breast pump manufacturer's directly to verify that Lactation Connection is an authorized dealer purchasing only brand new authentic breast pump parts from companies such as Spectra, Ameda, Limerick, ARDO, Hygeia, Motif and others in some instances for over 28 years. Thank you!

Missing/Damaged Items

While shortages are are rare as we pride ourselves in accurate shipments, please report any shortages or inaccuracies in your shipment upon receipt of your package.
Reports received later than 14 days from date of order will not be replaced unless entire package can be verified as undelivered. 

If you receive broken items due to box damage, please report within 7 days of receipt of your package by contacting us with images of the box label, box damage and broken contents.  If you are unsure of damage but your breast pump part breaks within 90 days of purchase, it will still be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.  Thank you!

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